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Partner Solution- Dbvisit Standby Database

The ultimate Oracle standby database solution for Standard Edition One and Standard Edition

Disaster Recovery (DR) is vital, without it your business could shut down in an emergency. Increasingly, companies are required to comply with industry regulations in terms of security and data accountability. Still many companies have been hesitant to take the full step to implement a Disaster Recovery Strategy, because of the costs of upgrading to Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE). This is no longer necessary.

Dbvisit is database replication software and provides automatic updating of standby databases to achieve full Disaster Recovery capability. Dbvisit is an alternative for Oracle Data Guard without the cost and complexity, is more secure and works for Oracle 8i to 11g. Dbvisit supports Oracle RAC, Oracle Standard Edition (SE) and other Oracle features such as ASM, OMF and Flash Recovery.

For more information, please visit Dbvisit website at Dbvisit is a registered trademark of Avisit Solutions Ltd.