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Goldsoft ERMS Retail

Accelerate Business Growth With No Disruption

Forget about disparate systems or databases. Goldsoft ERMS offers a fully integrated suite of software solutions designed specifically for the ever-changing demands of the retail industry. Many of our POS system can be seen at renowned fashion and apparel retail shops. Client Benefits:

Focus on Growing your Business: Streamline operations from end to end, so you can focus on making your business more profitable.

Streamline Business Processes: Centralize and connect headquarters, subsidiaries, branches and outlets in one seamless network, eliminating redundant data entries, errors, and costs.

Make Smarter, Faster Decisions: From a single data source, you can instantly drill down to complete, up to date information and your subordinates can respond quickly to customer needs and be more empowered to make decisions.

Support Your Changing Needs: Custom made solution can be flexibly tailored and extended to meet your specific business needs.

Lower Technology Costs for a Better Bottom Line: Single application helps eliminate the need of having multiple disparate systems license from other vendors.

11 Fully Integrated Modules for Your Retail Business

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