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Goldsoft Consignment

Manage Consignment Stock Has Never Been Easier

Always know what and how much you are selling with accurate monthly sales reports generated from Goldsoft system. More than 300 of reports analyzing down to the specific item to help you enrich your merchandise planning. Business Benefits:

  • Save Time and Reduce Errors Generate invoice with auto calculation of margins, commissions, short & over and half bearing based on your contract with consignees. Full features
  • Real Time Sales and Inventory Tracking Use Mobile App or e-POS Portal through web browser from any location able to get immediate sales and generate immediate stock transfer.
  • Drill Down Sales and Inventory Analysis You can have your sales analysis drill down by item eg: by color and size, no more depending on lump sum sales report provided by consignees.
  • Download The Secrets of Successful Consignment Retailing
  • Goldsoft Consignment Solution Highlights

    Consignment Mobile App

    Use mobile phone and scanner to capture sales.

    Branch Commissions and Short & Over Setting

    Setting by product brand and group which incorporate into consignment invoices.

    5 Promotions Calculation Options

    Built in formula to define margins calculation.

    4 Consignment Invoicing Methods

    Built in formula to auto generate consignment invoice.

    Return and Transfer Scanning

    Scanning goods in and out from trade exhibitons/ fairs.

    Generate Consignment Invoices

    With auto calculation of margins, commissions, half bearing and short & over.